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  • Black History Inventors / Black History People – African American Timeline

    In  this day and time Black  History  inventions and  inventors are often overlooked .   In  this article / Blog  . Soultic Magazine travels  through our  African  American  Timeline to  put  the  spotlight  of  Black  History  on  one  of  the  most  renown  Black  History  Inventors  of  all  time .   This  famous  Black  History  Inventor   is  Dr George …

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  • African American Women History/ Black Women in History pt2

    Madam C.J.Walker was one of the most well known names behind African American hair care and beauty products. She is credited with an array of beauty products, hair canditioners, facial creams and especially made for women of color. Madam Walker built a fortune in the 19th century with the sales of such products. She was…

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  • Pioneer in Medicine/Little known black history facts

    Among the most famous and well known African American inventors is Dr. Charles Drew. It is a little known black history fact that his researches on the storage of blood plasma lead to his invention of the Blood Bank.  As a physician, surgeon and researcher who transformed the face of medicine. As an inventor his…

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  • Innovators Behind Today’s Technology

    INNOVATORS BEHIND TODAY’S TECHNOLOGY       As we look around our homes we can see the conveniences technology has brought us.  Today’s technology has made it possible to do things we would never have dreamed of.  Technology has affected every part of our lives; whether it improved our transportation or gave us new medical…

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  • Black Innovation

    BLACK INNOVATION   Author & Writer: Janice Fralin-Steele       There have been many African American inventors but there has been little information shared about the achievements of female African American inventors.  One such female African American Inventor is, Patricia Bath.  Her contributions in the area of medicine have changed the lives of millions…

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  • AIDS Man Made, or Just Made Man Sick?

    By Bryant Steele When America thinks of AIDS, we think of an unstoppable disease that is killing more than 36 million people world wide. The media has played a big part in spreading this perception.  Americans are constantly creating a mind set that HIV came from Africa. The aids epidemic has added to the negative…

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