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AIDS Man Made, or Just Made Man Sick?

By Bryant Steele

When America thinks of AIDS, we think of an unstoppable disease that is killing more than 36 million people world wide. The media has played a big part in spreading this perception.  Americans are constantly creating a mind set that HIV came from Africa. The aids epidemic has added to the negative stereotype of the heterosexual African American male.  How is it possible that a nation of people believe that an African heterosexual disease that has been said by biologist as well as scientist to have been here for centuries turn into a world wide epidemic? This epidemic includes predominantly Africans, African Americans, and homosexual white men? Africa has never known about this disease until now! Our Government has known about it since the 1950s.


Since the 1960s a political war has been waged between Africans, African Americans, and homosexuals against our government.  These groups have been the major minorities outraged against our government’s lack of action. That is because these are the only ones that are usually affected by this disease.  While AIDS has ravished our community we are still caught in disbelief.  We ask the question, how could this happen to a nation that is supposedly superior.  Our African American community has been a sitting target.  We have only been educated about aids since the 80s but aids have changed the lives of countless African American families for generations.

Suddenly this disease has transformed into a homosexual disease. This disease is not homosexual, it is a man made plague unleashed amongst Africans, African Americans, as well as homosexual white men and women. It has caused genocide of these minorities. The media gives teens the message but also the feeling that it could never happen to them. Young black adults and teens are affected more than ever by this disease. The African American community asks, “How? Why the black community? Why did it hit us so fast and so hard?”

There is evidence in the book written by Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D. (Aids and the Doctors of Death) that one of the first outbreaks of aids began in the late 1970s in New York City, but there is other evidence that the origin of AIDS started far earlier.  In his book, Dr. Cantwell suggests the true origin of AIDS began in the late 1800s.

-April 29, 1978: The Federal Quarantine Act was passed. This gave the government control over laboratories to hold, harvest, and use diseases at ones will, for experimental testing and ex.

There is also extensive evidence in the book written by Boyd E. Graves (The History of the Development of Aids):

-1887: The United States intensified the attempt with the mandate of the Laboratory of Hygiene. Dr. Joseph J. Kinyoun, who was a deep rooted racist, served the eugenics movement with dedication. Great progress was made in their efforts.

-1889: The U.S. government was able to identify mycoplasma, a transmissible agent that is now found at the heart of human diseases, including (AIDS) HIV.

-1893: The United States strengthened the Federal Quarantine Act and rapidly there was an outbreak of polio.

-1898: The United States found they could use mycoplasma to cause epidemics. They were able to do this in cattle. They were also doing it in tobacco plants.

-1899: The government began a large biological investigation on the outbreak of leprosy in the U.S.

In 1904 the United States used mycoplasma to cause an epidemic in horses. Also in 1910 mycoplasma was used to cause an epidemic in fowl birds. By 1917 the United States formed The Federal of the American Society for Experimental Biology. This act made it legal to test lethal diseases on animals.

The media as well as educators say that HIV originated from chimpanzees in the deep African rain forest, and that it “jumped species.” Why would the HIV have to jump species, when the Untied States had the technology prior to the 1970s to transfer primate diseases from being tested on primates, to human biological testing? Alan Cantwell says, “During the time between 1959 and 1982, both Congo specimens as well as 500 Africans from the Sub-Sahara desert were tested on by Andre Nahmias with HIV.”  In the pharmaceutical world, the hypothesis on a drug is “it will help us live longer and more efficiently,But it must pass inspections.” So the pharmaceutical company tests on cells. After that testing its then done on plants. The next phase is to test the drug in small animals (like birds, fish, mice, gerbils, and pigs). The phase goes on for about 2 to 3 years. If the drug out last its entire testing, then it is ready for one of the largest steps, which is testing on primates and larger animals. By testing on primates you are able to links to human reactions to the drug. Human beings have 95% the same DNA code as primates or chimpanzees. Once it has passed that phase it is ready for human testing. Thus we have the AIDS link between chimps and unsuspecting humans.

If you were a scientist would you ask a nation of people to test a biological weapon on them? The scientist gave the humans “so called” vaccinations; which were really a viral-transfer experiment, from primate to human.

In 1974 veterinarians as well as biological researchers produced an AIDS-like disease on newborn chimps. They were removed from their mothers and weaned entirely on a virus-infected with a bovine C-type virus. Within a year’s time, the chimps that were infected with these diseases died of leukemia and pneumocystis pneumonia.  I think biological warfare was not only being tested at the time, but being mastered. People, think about it, and let’s be serious! A man might have had sex with a primate but that’s not how AIDS came to kill as many African Americans as it has.