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Soul Facts

Soul Facts

The average earnings of working-age African Americans in jobs
covered by social security in 2002 was around $22,000 – compared to
$28,400 for all working-age people.

Today, 13% of the population is of African American origin. This
portion is expected to grow to 15% by 2050.

In 2000, slightly more than 18 million or 12% of all females living in
the United States were African American. 


3,284 – The number of African Americans arrested by way of The
Patriot Act.

17% of American adults say that they tithe (give 10% to 13% of
their income to their church.)  Only 3% really do.


There were major shifts in home religious study.
The percentage fo adults who read the Bible dropped from 40% to 37%
between 2000 and 2001.

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