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Innovators Behind Today’s Technology





As we look around our homes we can see the conveniences technology has brought us.  Today’s technology has made it possible to do things we would never have dreamed of.  Technology has affected every part of our lives; whether it improved our transportation or gave us new medical treatment that improve our lives.  Behind these inventions were men and women that saw a need for change.   


We want to focus on the achievements of Frederick McKinley Jones. He was born on May 17, 1893 in Cincinnati were he grew up in an orphanage.  He attended school up to the 8th grade.  As a child he had a love for automobiles.  His first job was at the age of 12 were he worked cleaning an auto garage. He spent a few years working on cars and racing them.  He developed an interest in gasoline engines and complexe  machinery which he kept  for the rest of his life.  During WWI he enlisted in the U.S. Army as an electrician and a mechanic.  After serving in the military he retuned home where he continued his work as an inventor.    


It is a little known black history fact that Mr. Jones was credited with inventing a cooling unit for the compartments of trucks.  His invention made it possible to transport fresh produces.  It is also a little known black history fact that  he  invented cooling units for the boxcars of rail transportation.   During WWII he invented a portable air conditioner to preserve medicine and blood serum. He also invented air condition units two use in automobiles.  Mr. Jones was awarded 61 patents in his life time.  Forty of his inventions were for refrigeration equipment.  He received an award and was the first African American inducted into the American National Medal of Technology.