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The Dawn Of A New Day – A Black Man In The White House

When one says [A Black Man in the White House] one may automatically say Colin Powell, Condeleezza Rice or even former President Bill Clinton being as close to,  A Black Man in the White House.

Let’s shift our focus to the nations, the United States of America and South Africa in contrast. The United States has never had a black President in all the history of Presidential elections. Black men and women have run for the candidcy of President but none has been catapulted to the office of President here in the United States of America.

How would things affect the United States of America having a black President for just one term of (four years). Hollywood makes movies portraying a black President as in the film; Deep Impact. In reality it will only be by divine orchestration for the day the United States of America has a black President in office, in the White House.

[A Black Man in the White House], this brings a thought concerning South Africa when it comes to election time. South Africans stand in line for miles and miles and miles, for hours, and all day if they have to and most do to make their vote count.  In 1996 during that time of voting was a serious matter for the South Africans because they understood the importance of freedom. From 1868 to 1965 the Right to Vote for men and women; blacks and whites went through many changes and a lot of people shed blood to have the privilege to vote. Here in the United States between 10 million African Americans and 40 million women alone did not vote in the 2000 Presidential election.  The NAACP stated that only 535 votes could have changed the outcome.

On the Oprah Winfrey Show, 09-29-04, Drew Barrymore did a documentary on why those of our younger generation did not vote. It was sad to hear the answers that were given. This generation has become so unconcerned about what happens in the political arena that affects our lives daily. Oprah Winfrey stated that if the 40 million women who did not vote in the last presidential election, if they had voted  could have made a change in this era for the United States of America.

There are obstacles to observe such as the slave days, racism and just plain ole’ ignorance. The Word of God declares, “My people perish for the lack of knowledge.” Too many Americans have a ‘careless application of life’ (me being one of them).  Knowing what goes on in the government and our right to speak is what makes or breaks the issues that we deal with as concerns our schools, our healthcare, and our employment opportunities. We need to come to understand the importance  of educating ourselves about what makes things go round and round in the country we live in.

Andrew Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson argued over who should have the right to vote. Jefferson thought that all people should have the right to vote but Hamilton thought that only the educated and wealthy should be able to vote. That would be scary if Hamilton’s thought was put into action during these current times. That would be an Adolf Hitler move.

Here in the United States between 10 MILLION AFRICAN AMERICANS and 40 MILLION WOMEN alone DID NOT VOTE in the 2000 presidential election.

One must understand our history of the Declaration of Independence; our FREEDOM, that if we are not careful we could see the United States of America lose a precious privilege that has been ours over the last 200 years. We see these third world countries where women there are not allowed to vote, also we see the horrific bondage’s people live under. America better not slumber or we could find ourselves falling into a third world category. In God We Trust, the USA’s foundational basis for establishment of being free; what is it diminishing to?

Many people of different ethnic backgrounds may not think or believe a black man can be a world changer or an effective icon for the good of all Americans. Another barrier maybe, no, is mainly intimidation of [A Black Man in the White House.] Some may say there has already been [A Black Man in the White House.] During the days of slavery there were many blacks in the white house, but this is not the view we are looking at.

“Many Caucasians may feel threatened by a black man with such authority, and the Hispanic population may feel they would want one of their own or keep the Caucasian President in office; that’s the tradition they are use to. Freedom is our jewel of dreams here in the United States of America. As for the group of African Americans, (blacks) that are still held captive by their own minds as prisoners never able to get over the days of slavery (not that we forget but we should forgive so we can heal and go forward), are stunted in ever appreciating one of their own to be elevated to such a great seat of responsibility.

The political arena is tough all by itself and even tougher for a black man or woman.  Every day we can hope that our generation or our children’s generation or even it may be their children’s generation to see [A Black Man in the White House.]

Another viewpoint of [A Black Man in the White House] is our prisons that are full to capacity. Not just black men, (although the numbers run high for them), but all ethnic groups across the world.  One can’t be partial about this issue of those in prison but it is disturbing that there are many in prison that have been found ‘guilty  before proven innocent’. Some prisoners are in there for life and are innocent, while some are on death row and are innocent; very seldom does one receive a pardon from the Governor but when one does “Thank God” for that soul being set free.

In an article in the Winston-Salem Journal on September 22, 2004, there was an article about former President Nelson Mandela. About forty years ago Nelson Mandela was put in prison in the year of 1964 with a life sentence. In his early part of imprisonment Mandela was allowed to write and receive only one 500 word letter every six months. Mandela would draft most of the letter in notebooks before putting  them on paper to be mailed.  These letters were between February1969 and April 1971. The notebooks had been kept by a former police officer who helped jail Nelson Mandela through a sabotage trial. Mandela was released from prison in 1990 and went on to be elected as South Africa’s first black President in 1994.

The former police officer, Donald Card, returned the two notebooks to Mandela which are viewable at the Nelson Mandela Center of Memory and Commemoration which opened    September 22, 2004. Mandela thanked Donald Card for returning the notebooks rather than him keeping them or selling them. Donald Card said, he decided that they were very valuable documents that could be lost or destroyed.

Who says time can’t heal and change a nation. I thought this article to be of great interest in the truth of facts that this man, Nelson Mandela has walked in the shoes of  “A Black Man in the White House”, with many viewable sites to the meaning of the “title”. Who is to say we Americans will never experience [A Black Man in the White House] or have we?

“Many Caucasians may feel THREATENED by a black man with such authority, and the HISPANIC POPULATION may feel they would want one of their own or keep the CAUCASIAN PRESIDENT in office; that’s the tradition they are USE TO. “<-->