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The POLITICIAN did not tell you the TRUTH about their SECRET AGENDA because the Asiatics’ in America are seen as FOREIGN RESIDENT SLAVES. Whom the politician by the way have to CLOTHE, FEED, SHELTER and give JOBS to.

Peace on Earth and good will to man!

Since the time of the “Reconstruction Era” of the U.S. his-story, with its slave amendments to the Constitution of the U.S. They are now voluntary servants of Moorish descent called “Black people” have been under false interpretation in thinking that there vote here or in any nation around the world counts. At least not under the slave title of Negro, Black people, colored folks, or African American, no! We will not be truly recognized in the voting poles until we go under a Free National Ballot. Even this must be done only in the form of our own political party for the benefits for our own people as Asiatics’ living here in North America. In the U.S. Constitution it clearly states that the “Black people” have no rights as three-fifth of a people the case of the Dred Scott Decision further supports this action. Not even the salve 14th, and 15th Amendments change this. What my people as Asiatics’ living here in North America must know about voting is that it only counts if you are a citizen, which the African American is clearly not. This is because this is not our real Free National Name. Our Free National Name is Moorish American that ties us in with Reparations and all other birthrights.

The politics in the U.S. have been in turmoil ever since the Articles of Confederation. Now in 2005 the politics are still in turmoil, mainly because of their “Negro problem”. The Negro still is not being recognized as a nation so that we will be do restitution. No politician will solve our problems just because he knows politics. Thus knowledge of politics is only the knowledge of public but more private policy not National Governance. The politician did not tell you the truth about their secret agenda because the Asiatics’ in America are seen as foreign resident slaves. Whom the politician by the way has to clothe, feed and shelter and give jobs to. The U.S. Government agenda is to keep our Asiatic people from learning the truth about our Moorish-American nationality. Most of all politicians in this scandal of two-party systems are a forgiver to the ways and concerns of my people. We need to stop trying to let the European Americans in the U.S Government solve our problems. Why not solve our own, so that we can more sooner benefit. As far as politics are concerned the Asiatic of America need to be themselves and proclaim and practice their Moorish American nationality. I personally think this is what Farrakhan should do at his march on October 16th, 2005 in Washington DC asking for 10 million people. Why not gather together and sign a petition proclaiming our international sovereign Moorish American Nation. Through this our children will receive our divine rights, unmolested by other citizens that can cast a free national ballot at the polls. This will happen under the free national constitution of the state government and not under granted privilege. This privilege will be granted through the 14th and 15th amendments which is not needed for the salvation of my people or the citizens.

The national election is one of the most misunderstood processes by the U.S. public. So let me explain simply and briefly. The U.S. constitution clearly states that the citizens of the states vote for Local and State offices. Those voted for and put in office known as State Representatives and Senators count the votes of the Electoral Colleges and also appointed through the elections of the public citizens. So you see your vote at the poles for the President in the national election really does not count. Only the Electoral College votes are being counted by the House of Representatives not the public vote. People of Color must unite together to form their own nation state. In this way we have Ambassadors to the U.S. and make treaties not just vote for amusement of the Secret Orders. The Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission only use the national survey of the public to see where the mind state of the people is, mainly to analyze more ways to trick and confuse the people. Lets be serious how much good has this two party system of Presidential choices been for the country in any way economically foreign or domestic. The national election means just that national. Only Free National Citizens can vote. Not voluntary servants who do not know their own nationality. The corrupt political system in North America is not fit for any nation with high principles to have dealings with. That is why there is great need for the Asiatics’ of North America to wake up, and start being themselves. Separation from this wicked corrupt system is what is being called for by the divine calling of the angels. This angel voice in these times can often be heard saying: “Flee from the wrath, the great city of Babylon is falling.” For this is the end of time and the fulfilling of the prophecies. Even the European American citizen of very patriotic backgrounds seeks to expatriate himself from the de facto bankrupt government of the U.S. The U.S. privately declared bankruptcy in the Geneva Convention between the years 1929-1933. The U.S. has been acting fraudulently and de facto ever since. The conspiracy took the form of the New Deal, which made all citizens born, or Naturalize in the U.S. jurisdiction collateral for the debt owed to the Moorish American for 400 years of free labor.