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6. Soul Achievers

  • SoulTic Magazine’s Black History Calendar / Black History Month Information pt . 3 Internet Vol – 3

    February -  1 ( 1960)  Civil  rights  movement;  Greensboro,  NC .  College  students  began  a sit - in  at   a   segregated  Woolworths  lunch  counter. February -  2  (1915 )  Ernest  E .  Just .  Scientist  receives  the  first  NAACP  Spingarn  Medal. February -  3  ( 1989)  Bill  White  is  named  the  first  African  American/ Black President  of   Baseball's …

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  • African American History Makers / Black History pt . 2

    There are a countless number of African American History makers that have help shape our African American / Black History.   Soultic magazine humbly recognize our African American / Black History by Sharing and Recording these great African American History makers.   It is our intention to help enlighten People worldwide though a more inclusive record…

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  • Black History Timeline / Black History Month Quotes pt-1

    Although  Black  History Month  has  been  compressed  into  one  month , there  are  noteable , famous  sayings and Black  History  Quotes  that  are  timeless.  SoulTic  Magazine  navigates   through  our  Black  History  Timeline  to share  a few  Black  History  Month  Quotes  that  you  may  find  to be uplifting  and  motivational.      1.  Success  is  to  be  measured  not  so …

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  • African American History Books / Black History SoulTic Magazine’s Editorial review of 8 African American History Books you may not have heard of pt -1

    1 .  The  Education  of the  Negro  Prior  to  1861 . 2 .  A  Century  of  Negro  Migration. 3 .  The  Negro  in  Our  History. 4 .  Negro  Makers  of  History.  5 .  The  Story  of  the  Negro  Retold. 6 .  The  Mind  of  the  Negro  as  reflected  in the  Letters  Written  During  the   Crisis  of …

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  • Black History Inventors / Black History People – African American Timeline

    In  this day and time Black  History  inventions and  inventors are often overlooked .   In  this article / Blog  . Soultic Magazine travels  through our  African  American  Timeline to  put  the  spotlight  of  Black  History  on  one  of  the  most  renown  Black  History  Inventors  of  all  time .   This  famous  Black  History  Inventor   is  Dr George …

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  • African American Politicians / African Americans/ Blacks In Politics pt-6

    Thier  has  been  a  renewed  interest  in our countries  political  process .  This can  be  contributed  in  part  to  having  our  frist   African American/ black  president .   However  in this  article   I  would   like  to  share  with  you an African   American  Politician  that  was  the  frist  to  serve  in  the  house  of representatives .  …

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  • African American Politicians / African American in Politics pt-5

    Despite popular belief African  Americans have been a part of our political system since  the early  1800's.  In  this article,  I  would  like  to put the spotlight  of  history  on  one  of  our  countries  trail  blazers  in  African American  Politics. Richard Harvey Cain  was  born   April  12,  1825  in Greenbrier County Virginia.   He was born free and…

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  • Black History People/ Black History T. Thomas Fortune. Whats Behind The Name? By L.Long Jr

    Black  people  used  the  term  Afro - American  in  the  70s . Today the term is one  that   has  been  dropped  from  our  vocabulary  and replaced with African  American .  We  very  seldom  hear of  someone  referencing  our  people  as   Afro American .  Little  does  the  average  African  American  even  know where  the term  came…

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  • Famous African American Women in History/Black History Women-pt 4-Harriet Ross Tubman

      Famous  African American Women in History/Black History Women  pt-4-Harriet Ross Tubman   SoulTic Magazine Writer''/ Janice Fralin-Steele(Freelance Writer)   Freedom  is  one  of  our  most  basic  human  rights.   Yet  this  country participated  in  the  most  well - known  slave  trade  in  the  history  of  this world.   Many  Europeans  profited  greatly  from  the  slave  trade  of  blacks…

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