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African American Politicians / African American in Politics pt-5

Despite popular belief African  Americans have been a part of our political system since  the early  1800’s.  In  this article,  I  would  like  to put the spotlight  of  history  on  one  of  our  countries  trail  blazers  in  African American  Politics.

Richard Harvey Cain  was  born   April  12,  1825  in Greenbrier County Virginia.   He was born free and of mixed race.  His mother was Cherokee and his father was black (African American).

History records that when he was a child, his parents moved him to Gallipolis Ohio.  Later on Richard Harvey Cain entered the Methodist Ministry in Hannibal Missouri; and later changed to the African Methodist Episcopal (AME )  Church.

In  1861, while serving as pastor at Bridge Street Church in Brooklyn, New York,  he became interested in politics.   After the  civil,  war the AME church assigned him to Emmanuel Church in Charleston,  South Carolina.

History records that in 1871 under Cain’s  leadership, the church congregation grew to become the largest AME church in the state.  Richard Harvey Cain served his first term in the senate from 1868 to 1872 .  From 1877  to 1879,  he served in  Congress.

Richard Harvey Cain was later on known as a writer and a champion for African American Civil  rights and social advancement.  This out  standing African  American Politician helped shape our rich history in politics.

SoulTic  Magazine  salutes this African American Politician for being a Trail Blazer  in African American Politics.