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African American Politicians / African Americans /Blacks In Politics pt . 9 Internet Vol – 9 Oscar Depriest

First  African  American  Congressman  In  The  20th  Century .


Oscar Depriest was a native of Florence , Alabama but spent most of his youth in Salina , Kansas . History records that he went to Chicago Illinois in 1889 . History notes that Depriest’s father knew James T . Rapier Congressman of Alabama during  the days of reconstruction and legend has it that  this is how Depriest took an interest in politics .


History notes that the negro [ Dated Term ] / African American population numbered between five and six million during the days of reconstruction era . Out of that number some twenty – two African Americans / Blacks represented them in the U . S . Congress .


History records not a single African American / Black sat in the nation’s highest legislative tribunal . This all changed on April 15 , 1930 when Oscar Depriest took his seat in the U . S. House of Representatives. Osar Depriest was elected as a Republican to the 71st 72nd and 73rd Congresses .


Footnotes  indicate that Oscar Depriest had a extensive career in public service . His first public office was that of County Commissioner of Chicago in which he served from 1904 to 1908 . He also was the first African American / Black member of the Chicago City Council .


Other notable milestones are Illinois Commerce Commission , delegate to several Republican National Conventions , board of directors of the then famed Binga State Bank . Oscar Depriest was a symbol of African Americans in Politics and after his election to Congress , History notes that he was in constant demand as a speaker.


He is on record for having many of his audiences to study there rights . Likewise to view campaign activity as a public duty . Although Oscar Depriest had success in business and in politics history notes that long after he maintained a keen interest in the progress of African Americans / Blacks.


Oscar Depriest’s Famous Saying / Quote ” I am of the common herd ” .


SoulTic Magazine salutes this African American Politician for his efforts to Public Service .