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African American Art History / African American Artists pt . 1 Internet Vol – 1 Horace Pippin

Horace Pippin was born in Chester , Pennsylvania . History records that he was born into poverty and started drawing early in he’s life as an outlet .


When he was still a child he moved to Goshen , New York with his parents . His education ended in grammar school and sometime after that Pippin started a series of routine jobs .


History notes that he was a molder , junk dealer , and a hotel porter . In 1917 Pippin served overseas in the U . S . armed forces . History records while serving he was wounded severely .


Horace Pippin was discharged in 1918 after receiving the Purple Heart and the Croix de Guerre . In 1920 Pippin married and lived in Westchester , New York . Records indicate that it was 1931 before Pippin recovered enough to paint on canvas .


History notes that this was his first picture in three years , he tilted it ” The end of the war . , Starting Home ” . Sometime after that he produced another picture called ” Shell Holes and Observation Balloon , Champagne Sector , ” .


History notes that Pippin had his first one – man art show at the Westchester Community Art Center in 1937 . In 1938 his art work was being exhibited at the Museum Of Modern Art . ” ( Masters of Modern Painting ) A few years later he had another one – man art show in New York that was viewed as a success .


History indicates that Pippin repeated he’s shows in Philadelphia , and Chicago . One of his paintings tilted ” Cabin in the Cotton ” won fourth Honorable Mention in 1944 .


A few years later ” Milkman of Goshen ” won the Henry J . Scheidt Memorial Prize , a major award of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts .


Soultic Magazine salutes this African American Artist for his achievements in the arts .