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Terrence T. Hill – Unsurpassed Master of Leather

Terrence T. Hill, also known as the “Internationally Renowned Premier 3D Leather Artist”, earned his title as the “Unsurpassed Master of Leather” by his Unique Technique.

What differentiates him from other talented leather craftsmen is that he doesn’t carve nor use a mold to create the three dimensional effect.  Instead he does everything by hand, by using tiny spoons that resemble dental instruments, then stretches and pulls the leather to the exact depth that is desired and required.

He is considered to be a Leather Sculptor and is noted for his intricate detailing.  Initially he designed and perfected his phenomenal form of artistry so that even the Visually Impaired could “See through Touch.” T. Hill’s creations are not just to look at and admire, but one may actually feel the emotion involved.  That is where his awesome Masterpieces have their greatest impact!

T. Hill is also a Disabled Veteran from the 82nd Airborne.  He doesn’t allow his disability to hinder or define him.  He is constantly giving back to society on a global scale via his many artistic contributions.  He has the ability to capture and immortalize people, places, and events in 3D leather historical for the world to see & experience generation after generation.  His motivation is his Faith in GOD.  He strives to bring about a healing through his artistry.

Some of T. Hill’s accolades include picture tributes of 9/11, NASA Astronauts, Honorable Dr. King, Jr. and Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Pope John Paul II, Tiger Woods, and many more.  His ongoing artistic project is creating separate picture tribute compositions for each branch of the U.S. Military to include the Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard – the overall theme being “Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom.”  Each Masterpiece created within the series is given an individual title. T. Hill’s latest creation is a tribute to Honorable Senator/President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

T. Hill has received praise & recognition throughout the Country for his endless artistic contributions.  This includes every form of Media coverage from TV/Radio/Magazines/Newspaper Articles, to Awards, and Certificates of Appreciation from Honorable President George W. Bush, Congressmen, Generals, Governors, Mayors, Legendary Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Churches, Schools, and civic organizations.  His motto is, “When GOD has Blessed you, it is important to give back,” and Mr. Hill does!

Together, T. Hill and his Lovely Wife, Nicole Parker Hill, have created in essence a Ministry in sharing, and exposing the Art to the world.  Nicole is also the Founder and Producer of “T. Hill Classic’s (Portraits/Pictures) & T. Hill Collection (Leather Outfits & Accessories).”

To view other samples of the artistry and review artistic contributions, and/or to invite/sponsor the Hills to do an Art Exhibit in your area, please visit the Web Site at or Call: 910-987-4902.