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  • Famous African Americans In History pt . 1 Internet vol – 1

    There  are  many  Famous  Africans  Americans  In  History .  Some  are famous  for  sports ,  T V ,  Raido  ect . However  in  this  article  /  blog I would  like to share with  you  a  Famous  African  American  In  History  by the  name  of  Gordon  Roger  Parks . Gordon  Roger  Parks  was  born  in 1912  on  a  small  farm   in…

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  • African American History Makers / Black History pt . 2

    There are a countless number of African American History makers that have help shape our African American / Black History.   Soultic magazine humbly recognize our African American / Black History by Sharing and Recording these great African American History makers.   It is our intention to help enlighten People worldwide though a more inclusive record…

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