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Michael Jackson-“A Gift from God”African American music history-part 2

Michael Jackson

“A Gift from God”  African American music history – part 2


By Ahmad Daniels



Perceptive, courageous, gifted and self-actualized are just a few of the adjectives that so inadequately describe Michael Jackson; a man whose untimely death has taken the world by surprise.  Michael’s demise epitomizes the passing of an icon whose words continue to touch the very soul of the multitudes who loved him dearly.  I join the ranks of those who were surprised at just how moved they were upon hearing of his initial hospitalization to quickly follow by the incredulous announcement of Michael Jackson’s death. 


Michael’s international appeal was legendary.  Personally, nothing is more indicative of this than his stellar performance in Romania before a spellbound crowd of tens of thousands.  His “Man in the Mirror” wasn’t executed as a song as much as an anthem appreciatively received by compatriots.  Cameras scanning the massive crowd showed women and yes men crying unapologetically as Michael evoked emotions on what I believe was a cellular level, a level that penetrated deeper and deeper with every, “Ooh!” “Ooh!” “Ooh!”that would leave his mouth as he spun around and around before being totally consumed by his own musical genius and falling to what must have been an energy filled stage only to rebound with increased vitality; vitality that would further whip the crowd into a more intense frenzy. 


I understand the sentiments of the attendees holding the banner that read, “Michael A Gift from God.”  His incredible talent and depth of compassion confirms that.  Yet, I also believe every human is a gift from God.  Michael, however, had the discipline and sense of focus to remain true to his gift and not allow life’s distractions to take him permanently off course.  Surely he  had his trials and tribulations but it is his loving ways that many will remember and hold in their heart. 


It has been said there are occurrences so breathe taking, so mind boggling that they could only have happened when all that stars in the universe were perfectly aligned.

Bob Beamon long jumping his way into the record books at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games is such a moment in history.  His jump of 29’ 2 1/2’” shattered the previous world record by almost 2 feet In  an event where records are broken by the inch or part thereof.  The election of Barack Obama to the White House is another point in time when the stars uniquely aligned and history was made.  Michael Jackson has never competed in the Olympics nor has he ever sought political office.  Yet, he has leaped into the hearts of a world-wide audience unlike any other performer in all of history with a music and a presence so loved his constituents they elected him the King of Pop.  Of course no one can say when such an alignment of the stars will again take place.Yet we can express limitless gratitude to the celestial for doing so and gifting us with Michael Jackson.


To Your Journey.