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Black History Poems series -3 / History of Black People- Internet vol. 1

Paul  Laurence  Dunbar became famous for his poems in dialect.  History records that Dumbar could capture the humor and the gentleness of the lives of African Americans/ Blacks in the rule south.

It was noted that dunbar’s  poetic genius was evident in high school. History also records that Dunbar was the editor of  his schools newspaper and edited the year book for his graduating class. 

This must have been somewhat of a task considering that Dunbar was the only  African American / Black in his class.  When Dunbar finished high school, studies done on African American/ Black employment noted that Dunbar worked locally as a elevator operator. History records that Dunbar was disovered in 1893 by William Dean Howells a critic in American letters during that time. Shortly after being discovered  records show  that his career as a poet  took a turn for the better. 

 Dunbar’s  first two volumes sold out shortly after he released them in 1896.  The popular opinion of that time was that Dunbars best Pomes Published were Lyrics Of Lowly Life and Majors and Minors.  However Poems Like  “” We Wear The Mask ”, was said to capture Dunbar’s inner fellings. SoulTic Magazine salutes Paul Laurence Dunbar for being a great writer of   Black   History  Poems and being a   trailblazer  in  the History  of  Black People.