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American Black History pt – 1 Internet Vol – 1 The Scholar

There have been many heroic people that have helped to shape the core of American Black History. However not many of them became national legends. In this article / blog  I would like to briefly highlight the life of a scholar and spokesman by the name of  W. E . B . DuBois.

For a span of over 50 years W . E . B . DuBois was considered as the dean of Black /  African American intellectuals. History notes that he authored one of the standard books on the reconstruction era and that he was the first to conduct studies on the then called Negro in Philadelphia and Atlanta in the ( 1800’s ) .

History records that it was his debate with Booker T . Washington over the type of education needed in America at that time for people of color / Blacks at the turn of the century that noted him his most fame.

In 1905 he launched the Niagara movement , advocating the immediate ending of racial discrimination and segregation. History notes that a few years later in 1908 he became one  of the founders of the NAACP.

In 1919 DuBois initiated the first of several early Pan – African Congresses in Paris with the hope of focusing world opinion on the conditions and status of Black men everywhere. He set forth his views in books, articles , poems and speeches. W . E . B . DuBois made many contributions in regards to American Black History.

SoulTic Magazine salutes William Edward Burghart DuBois for his  life long efforts against unfair racial practices and economic exploitation of people of color / African Americans world wide.