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African American Music History pt. 6 Internet Vol – 6 The Composer

Through out history there  have been a host of managers, songwriters and musicians. This article / blog high lights our African American Music History, by sharing a brief look at the life and career of James Bland one of the early pioneers of our great African American Music History .

History records that James Bland was born free in 1854 in Long Island New York. While in his teens history notes  that he fell in love with the banjo. A few years later James Bland started his career singing and playing for parties and weddings. When Bland was old enough to be employed history records he was hired to sing in a hotel in Washington D.C. Not much was recorded after that.

However, some historical foot notes indicate that James Bland attended Howard University and finished his course at the age of nineteen. Sometime during those years James Bland wrote and published ” Carry Me Back to Old Virginia”. the Official state song of Virginia.

History goes on to record that James Bland composed many other songs. Some of them are ” Oh, Dem Golden Slippers” Listen to Silver Trumpets.” “Pretty Little Caroline Rose” and ” In the Evening By The Moonlight.”  SoulTic Magazine salutes James Bland for his contribution to our African American Music  History byway of composer.