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  • Black History People/ Black History T. Thomas Fortune. Whats Behind The Name? By L.Long Jr

    Black  people  used  the  term  Afro - American  in  the  70s . Today the term is one  that   has  been  dropped  from  our  vocabulary  and replaced with African  American .  We  very  seldom  hear of  someone  referencing  our  people  as   Afro American .  Little  does  the  average  African  American  even  know where  the term  came…

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  • Famous African American Women in History/Black History Women-pt 4-Harriet Ross Tubman

      Famous  African American Women in History/Black History Women  pt-4-Harriet Ross Tubman   SoulTic Magazine Writer''/ Janice Fralin-Steele(Freelance Writer)   Freedom  is  one  of  our  most  basic  human  rights.   Yet  this  country participated  in  the  most  well - known  slave  trade  in  the  history  of  this world.   Many  Europeans  profited  greatly  from  the  slave  trade  of  blacks…

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