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Monthly Archives: July 2011

  • FEMALE BUFFALO SOLDIER – PRIVATE William Cathay or Cathay Williams

    BY JANICE FRALIN-STEELE This is the story of one of U.S. history’s most extraordinary women to have ever put on a uniform.  She was born Cathay Williams, but history will best remember her as William Cathay: the only female Buffalo Soldier.  Cathay Williams was born into slavery in Independence Missouri in 1842.  She was owned…

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  • AIDS Man Made, or Just Made Man Sick?

    By Bryant Steele When America thinks of AIDS, we think of an unstoppable disease that is killing more than 36 million people world wide. The media has played a big part in spreading this perception.  Americans are constantly creating a mind set that HIV came from Africa. The aids epidemic has added to the negative…

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  • Terrence T. Hill – Unsurpassed Master of Leather

    Terrence T. Hill, also known as the “Internationally Renowned Premier 3D Leather Artist”, earned his title as the “Unsurpassed Master of Leather” by his Unique Technique. What differentiates him from other talented leather craftsmen is that he doesn’t carve nor use a mold to create the three dimensional effect.  Instead he does everything by hand,…

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